Aloha! Welcome Deeranger’s Hawaii Business Review Blog!

A little about me: I was born and raised here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, city of Waipahu. I have lived here majority of my life and I love it!

Moving away from the island to live in Arizona for a few years opened my eyes to how special and unique Hawaii is. I totally took it for granted the life, weather, paradise, beauty, people, hospitality, laid back pace, etc., Hawaii provided.

I recently moved back here and I just thought that I, as they say here, “Spread the Aloha” to the rest of the word by sharing what we have to offer if ever you come here. If you currently live here, don’t shun away too soon. There may be something special that you may come across.

In this Hawaii review blog, I will mainly focus on businesses. I have a passion for local businesses here in Hawaii and I’d like to share and expose them to you with my good ol’ honest opinions. I will review businesses from restaurants, events, attractions, services, and everything else in between.

So venture here with me to preview Hawaii before you come here for a vacation, or if your a local, to find different ventures, services, and things to do that you didn’t know existed and screen them before you try the business out.

This is Deeranger’s Hawaii Business Review Blog!

Mahalo nui loa!